Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

Usually it happens during the first trimester, but some ladies experience it during the whole pregnancy.

It can be triggered by some types of smells, food or heat. Or sometimes without any reason.

– The following options from home can help:
a. Eat food high in protein or carbohydrates.
b. Avoid high in fat and spicy food.
c. Eat ginger such in candies or in drinks.
d. Eat healthy snacks through the day instead of heavy only three meals.
e. Avoid leaving your stomach empty.
f. Drink 8 cups of fluids everyday.
g. Make sure to have fresh air in the house.
h. Eat a dry toast or plain biscuit for example once waking up in n the morning.
i. Take your vitamins at night with a snack instead of in the morning.
j. Avoid lying down after eating.
k. Chew a gum

– If home options were not helpful:
a. Anti-nausea medications prescribed by the doctor such as:
1. Doxylamine . Not available in ksa but approved by FDA.
2. Primpran (metoclopramide). Or Premosan as alternative.
3. Vominore (meclizine + Pyridoxin)
4. Motilium
5. Zofran (Ondansetron)
6. Vitamin B-6 supplements
7. Anti histamine medicines

Usually morning sickness does not cause any risk to the fetus unless it is very severe.

Some ladies are more likely to experience morning sickness during their pregnancy such as:
a. First pregnancy.
b. Pregnant with twins.
c. Ladies suffer from Migraines.
d. Family history with morning sickness.

Severe morning sickness: (hyperemesis gravidarum)
– Causes losing of more than 5% of body weight
– Requires hospitalization and treatment with IV fluid

Visit your doctor immediately in case of:
– Increase in your heart rate.
– Feeling dizzy when standing up.
– The urine is dark in color.
– inability to keep the food in for 24 hours due to severe vomiting.
– Weight loss.
– Pain in the abdomen.

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