Conception with IUD

Conception with IUD

Conception with IUD possibility:

Though IUD is highly effective and pregnancy rate is very low, IUD failure rate during the first year is around 0.2%.

How pregnancy happens with IUD?

1. IUD has fallen without realizing.

2. IUD moved from its place.

3. IUD has not started working yet, as hormonal IUD takes about 7 days to get effective.

4. IUD has been in place longer than its supposed duration.

Signs of pregnancy with IUD:

1. Normal pregnancy signs

2. Not feeling the strings of the IUD

3. Ectopic pregnancy symptoms

IUD failure risk factors:

1. Young age. (under age 25), as likely to be more fertile than older women.

2. IUD malposition

3. Prior IUD expulsion

4. Copper IUD holds a higher risk than the hormonal IUD. (copper IUD failure rate is 0.52 in every 100 women, while hormonal IUD is 0.06 every 100)

In case of intrauterine pregnancy:

a. May increase the risks of the following:

Early removal of the IUD may reduce the risks

– infection (Chorioamnionitis). 7%

– miscarriage. 47 to 57 % possibility

– placenta abruption

– preterm birth, possibility 18%, and 14% if IUD removed early

b. Management:

-The IUD to be removed as early as possible if the strings are visible or if within the cervix, with the use of antibiotic prophylaxis such as azithromycin to reduce the risk of infection (500 mg orally).

– If strings are not visible, doctor can try removing the IUD under ultrasound guidance, Or by Hysteroscopy but still no enough evidence supporting this practice.

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