Tailbone Pain (coccyx) During Pregnancy

Tailbone Pain (coccyx) During Pregnancy

Tailbone Pain (coccyx) During Pregnancy

Tailbone, or coccyx is located at the end of the spine right above the buttocks.

This pain is common during pregnancy and can happen at any trimester, due to:
1. The relaxation of pelvic floor ligaments caused by the hormonal changes.
2. Fetus pressure as the pregnancy progresses.
3. Weight gain.
4. Bad posture.
5. Prolonged sitting or standing.

Pain symptoms:
1. Pain near the end of the spine and the upper part of the buttocks.
2. Triggered by changing posture, walking, getting up or twisting.
3. May get worse with constipation.

If the pain is severe, contact your doctor.

How to relieve pain:

1. Sitting on comfortable not hard chairs. You can use special donut-shaped cushions for more comfort.
2. Sit up straight.

3. Avoid sitting for long periods of time.
4. Avoid sudden moves.
5. Wrap a warm towel in the area to ease pain. for 20 minutes each time.
6. Sleep in your left side with pillow between your knees.
7. Try a maternity belt to support the tummy and reduces the pressure.
8.  Avoid wearing high heels.
9. Massage with a specialist.

10. Avoid constipation.
11. Ask your doctor for suitable painkillers.
12. Stretches exercises that help in relieving the pain, after consulting your doctor. Do them once a day. Watch the video:



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