Vasa Previa

Vasa Previa

Vasa Previa

Bleeding later in pregnancy causes.

Vasa Previa:

It is a rare condition when unprotected fetal umbilical cord blood vessels run across the opening of the uterus, making them at risk of rupture when the membranes break.

Possibility: 1/2500 deliveries.

Sometimes it is asymptomatic, but if with symptoms, it causes bleeding dark in color.

Risk factors:
a. Umbilical cord abnormalities
b. Placenta previa
c. In vitro fertilization
d. Multiple pregnancy

Weekly non-stress testing is done starting from week 32 if the mother is not hospitalized.
The mother might be hospitalized at week 30 – 34 for close monitoring. And she might be given steroids to help fetus lungs to mature.
Cesarean delivery is recommended around week 34 – 35 to avoid spontaneous membranes rupture.

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