It is a procedure to reshape the size of the inner lips of vaginal opening.


The reasons to take this procedure:
It is normal for the labia to change in size or shape due to childbirth or aging.

Ladies may consider this procedure when:
– Not comfortable or confident with the appearance of the vulva.
– The labia causes discomfort for example when wearing tight clothes, during some activities or during intercourse.

Girls under 18 are not advised to take this procedure as their bodies are still growing.

Preparation before the procedure:
Talk to your doctor about your general health condition, allergies, previous experience with anesthesia and all medications you are currently taking.

The procedure:
It is done under either general or regional anesthesia.

It is the cutting of the extra tissues by scalpel or laser. It takes between one to two hours.
The patient may leave the hospital on the same day.

– Off work for 5 to 10 days.
– Using ice packs to reduce swelling during the first 2 days after the surgery. For only 20 minutes each time.
– Keeping the area clean and dry.
– Wearing loose clothes.
– Avoid intercourse for about six weeks.
– Your doctor will give you medications for relieving the pain.

They are rare, may include:
– Asymmetry.
– Wound infection or taking longer to heal.
– Prolonged bleeding.

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