Sleeping Positions during Pregnancy

Sleeping Positions during Pregnancy

Sleeping Positions during Pregnancy

1. In general, sleep in any position you feel comfortable with, do not worry as there is no risk on the fetus.


2. At the beginning of pregnancy (from first trimester until mid of second trimester), you can sleep on any position either on back, stomach or side.

3. In the third trimester, sleeping on your stomach is not comfortable and almost impossible.

4. As the pregnancy is progressing, it is advised to avoid sleeping on your back as the uterus size will press on important vessels affecting blood flow to the heart. Which might cause dizziness.
You will wake up by yourself and change your position to the side.

Uterus and abdomen will press down on important vessels.

That might cause:
a. Low blood pressure leading to dizziness
b. Backaches, feet swelling, and difficulty breathing.
c. Effects on the flow of blood and nutrition to the fetus.

If you woke up sleeping on your back, do not worry and just change your position to the side.

5. The best position to sleep during pregnancy is on your left side. this position will reduce the pressure on the important vessels.

Best way to sleep is on your side with knees bent:

Use a pillow between your legs and knees for more comfort and support your back with another pillow.

You might get a special long pregnancy pillow to put it under your tummy and between your knees.

This position:
a. reduces swelling of the ankles, feet.
b. Reduces back pain
c. makes you breath better.
d. Good circulation of blood and nutrition to placenta.

6. By the end of pregnancy, you will not be able to sleep on your back as you might feel dizzy immediately. You will prefer sleeping on your side.

7. Sleeping half-sitting, propping yourself using pillows behind your head and upper body.
This position helps in relieving heartburn and shortness in breath specially in the ninth month.

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