Headache during Pregnancy

Headache during Pregnancy

Headache during Pregnancy

Headache is common during pregnancy, and if the mother is used to have headache before pregnancy, it is likely that she will experience it after.

While migraine gets better during pregnancy with some mothers.

The causes of headache usually are:
1. Stress.
2. Hormones changes.
3. Lack of sleep.
4. Body changes due to extra weight specially in third trimester.

As headache might be a sign of high blood pressure and preeclampsia, pregnant lady should be careful and contact her doctor immediately when the headache:
1. Is different from what it’s used to be.
2. With problems in vision.
3. With swelling in hand or face.
4. Worse or persistent pain.
5. Sudden.

It is safe for pregnant lady to take regular painkillers.
Example: Paracetamol. The dose is 1-2 of 500 mg tablet at one time.

While medications for migraine might not be safe during pregnancy, the mother should talk to her doctor first.

Other tips to relieve headache:
1. Eating regular meals.
2. Avoiding dehydration by drinking enough fluids.
3. Sleeping well.
4. Reducing stress and relaxation.
5. Breathing techniques.
6. Exercises such as walking. (To read more: Exercise During Pregnancy)
7. Avoiding headache triggers such as some types of food or smells.
8. Applying cold or heat packs to head or neck.

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