Wearing High Heels during Pregnancy

Wearing High Heels during Pregnancy

Wearing High Heels during Pregnancy

In general, wearing high heels while pregnant is not dangerous but might be painful. Just be careful.

It might get uncomfortable more as the pregnancy progresses.

It is known that high heels cause back and joints pain even for non pregnant ladies. So it is expected to cause the same during pregnancy.

Feet might be already swollen during pregnancy and wearing high heels might make that worse.

High heels have no risks on the baby and do not cause miscarriage.

If the lady is used to wear high heels before pregnancy, it might be easy for her to wear them while pregnant.

Why it is advised to avoid wearing high heels during pregnancy?
Higher risk of losing balance, falling or twisting an ankle due to:
1. Change in center of gravity.
2. Change in weight and body shape.
3. Ligaments are more loose.

Tips for wearing heels:
1. Best to avoid wearing them for long time.
2. Avoid thin(stilettos) heels to avoid falling.
3. If you have to wear them for long time, take breaks.

Best shoes to wear in pregnancy:
1. Has good arch support.
2. Half or full size bigger than you normally wear to have some room in case of swollen feet.

3. Easy to put on.
4. Wedges and platforms might be a better option.

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