Natural Remedies for Labor Induction

Natural Remedies for Labor Induction

Natural Remedies for Labor Induction

It is recommended that pregnant ladies wait till week 39 to induce labor.


The success of these methods are not guaranteed 100% as still there is no strong evidence that these natural ways would help in inducing labor.

Make sure about the side effects, if any, for each method, as some of them might not be suitable for you.

If there are any risks with the pregnancy or the pregnant lady has any medical condition, it is advised to avoid trying to induce labor naturally.

Be ready to go to the hospital at any time, and make sure to inform your doctor before using any stimulator.

1. Having sex: as semen has prostaglandins that helps in ripening the cervix.
2. Having an orgasm could increase oxytocin level which might stimulate contractions.
3. Nipple Stimulation: it produces oxytocin that causes contractions. Massage for 5 minutes and wait for 15 minutes before massaging again. Do not repeat more than 3 times a day.

4. Exercise: like walking or climbing stairs:
Make your hips move, and help the fetus to move to a position to be ready for labor.
5. Having LITTLE amount of castor oil as it might stimulate contractions. Be careful as it can cause diarrhea if taken in big amount.
6. Eating spicy food in moderation: (to avoid stomach upset), that might trigger contractions.
7. Eating pineapple as it has an enzyme that might soften the cervix and speed up labor.
8. Eating dates. It helps in cervical dilation, makes the first stage of labor shorter.
9. Squats or bouncing on exercise ball (birthing ball): with caution not to fall.
Place your hands on your knees and try moving your pelvis from side to side or back to front. That helps in moving the baby down to its position ready for labor. It also can reduce back and contractions pain.
10. Drinking red raspberry leaf tea. It might help in softening the cervix.
11. Eating banana: it has potassium that might stimulate contractions.
12. Evening primrose oil supplements.
13. Ask your doctor in strip your membrane.
14. Acupuncture with a specialist: needles are injected in some spots in the body that can stimulate contractions.

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