Lower Limb Swelling during Pregnancy

Lower Limb Swelling during Pregnancy

Lower limb Swelling during Pregnancy

It is common that ankles get swollen during pregnancy.
It usually gets worse towards the end of pregnancy.

Lower limb swelling causes:
1- The body holds more fluids during pregnancy.
2- Slower blood flow to the legs due to uterus pressure on some veins.
3- Hormonal changes.
4- Standing for long time.
5- Not drinking enough water.

Tips to reduce swelling:
1- Drink enough water and other liquids.
2- Avoid salty food.
3- Avoid standing up for long time.
4- Elevate the legs above heart level for 30 minutes, 3 – 4 times a day.
5- sleep with your legs lifted up using a pillow.
6- Sit with your feet up.
7- Exercise the feet by:
a. moving them up and down 30 times.

b. rotate them 8 times each side.

8- Sleep on your side.
9- Wearing compression stockings.
10- Take short walks.
11- Avoid wearing tight shoes or socks with bands tight on the ankles.
12- foot massage and reflexology might help.

Visit your doctor when the swelling is:
1- Only in one leg, that might be an indication of a blood clot.
2- Sudden increase in swelling, that might be an indication of preeclampsia.
3- Very painful.

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