Normal delivery after C section
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Normal delivery after C section

Normal Delivery after C-section

Women who had previous C-section may have the choice of trial of vaginal delivery or planned repeat cesarean section.


It is advised for the mother to wait for 18 to 24 months before getting pregnant again to give the wound enough time to heal.

If you decide to deliver vaginally after having a cesarean, your decision should be approved by your doctor to avoid any complications.

Each woman is different. So the doctor should be consulted in all cases.

The successful rate of vaginal delivery after cesarean is 60% to 80%.

Consider the following:

– Uterine rupture:
The chance is low but if it occurs, it is life threatening particularly to the fetus. The chance is potentially one in 200.

– Vertical incision:
Natural delivery can not be done in case of previous cesarean with vertical incision as the chance of tearing (rupture of the uterus) is higher.
Possibility is about 5%.

– Other:
Surgical wounds, bleeding that may lead to removing of the uterus or blood transfer, and infection.

Prerequisites for trying vaginal delivery after cesarean:
– The incision is horizontal, not vertical.
– The reason behind having C section before is not active anymore.
– Not having several C section operations in the past.
– No problems with the placenta or infections in the current pregnancy.
– Ability to perform an urgent cesarean operation if needed.

Benefits of vaginal delivery over cesarean:
– Less recovery time.
– Shorter stay in the hospital.
– Going back to work faster.
– Less bleeding.
– Reducing the possibility of having endometritis.
– Avoiding blood clots.

Benefits of cesarean over vaginal delivery:
– Timing is easier.
– Avoiding failure of vaginal delivery and then having emergency cesarean.
– Avoiding vaginal delivery pain.
– Possibility of performing tubal ligation at the same time.

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