Emergency Contraception Method – IUD

Emergency Contraception Method – IUD

Emergency Contraception Method – IUD

Emergency contraception methods are used in the following cases:
– Not using birth control method.
– Missing one birth control pill or two in the first week of the cycle.
– Failure of birth control method used like a hole in the male condom.

IUD as emergency contraception:
It is a small T shaped device from plastic and copper put in uterus by your doctor.

How it works?
It releases copper to:
– Effects the cervical mucus, making it difficulty for the sperm to reach the egg.
– Stops fertilized egg from implanting itself.

When to be put?
Within 5 days after unprotected intercourse. And it can be left as regular birth control method for up to 5 years.
It is allowed to use it during breastfeeding.

Effectiveness: 99%, more effective than emergency pills.

You can not use IUD as an emergency contraception in case of:
– Pelvic infection
– Sexually transmitted infection
– Unreasonable spotting or bleeding after intercourse
– If you are suspecting being pregnant

Side effects:
They are rare but include:
– Pain or discomfort.
– Longer or heavier period if used as regular protection
– Infection

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