Cesarean Incision Care

Cesarean Incision Care

It takes approximately 4-6 weeks for the incision to heal, and it is common to feel pain during this time.

In the hospital:
1. IVs can be given to relieve pain.
2. Get up and start walking a little bit to avoid constipation and the possibility of developing blood clots.
3. The wound is monitored for any signs of infection
4. Ask for help on how to breastfeed, as it can be a little bit uncomfortable.

Check the picture below for breastfeeding positions:



5. It is considered safe to shower within 48 hours of surgery, with making sure to keep the wound dry.

After returning home:
1. Avoid carrying heavy objects that are heavier than your baby.
2. Move gently, avoid standing for long time, avoid doing hard household chores, but walking is recommended.
3. To avoid leg swelling, in addition to walking, it is recommended to place a pillow under the feet during sleep.
4. Make sure that what you and your baby need are within reach.
5. Avoid lifting the body or carrying anything from a squatting position.
6. Request the appropriate painkillers from the doctor when needed to relieve the pain of the wound.
7. Gently clean the wound and dry it daily.
8. Wear loose clothes and avoid irritating the wound.
9. Drink enough fluids, specially water, to keep the body hydrated and avoid constipation.
10. Avoid intercourse for a period of 6-8 weeks.
11. Avoid driving for 4-6 or until the body is ready to apply brakes or twist well.
12. Go to the doctor when signs of wound infection appear such as fever, bleeding, pus, smelly vaginal discharge, redness, or swelling of the wound, worsening pain or one sided leg swelling (leg clots).
13. Sit and walk in a correct position.
14. Change the bandages if wet.
15. Place hand, pillow or towel on the wound when laughing or coughing.
16. Hold the baby in a position without pushing on the wound.

Dissolvable stitches are used that do not need to be removed and will be absorbed into the skin.

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