Air Travel during Pregnancy

Air Travel during Pregnancy

Air Travel during Pregnancy

You can check with your doctor first if it is safe for you to travel by air while pregnant.


Also, some airlines do not allow pregnant ladies to travel by the end of their pregnancy.

Starting from week 27 of pregnancy, you can bring a permission form from your doctor with the expected day of your delivery so you get allowed to travel.

It is advisable to avoid traveling by airplane after week 37 or week 32 in case of twin pregnancy as labor might start by that time.

Your doctor might not allow you to travel by air if you have complicated pregnancy to avoid any emergencies.

Safest time to travel by air is during the second trimester as the risks are at their lowest.

Fetal heart rate is not affected during the flight.

In long flights (more than 5 hours), make sure to:

1. Keep your blood circulation to avoid blood clots or leg swelling by:

  • Moving around every 30 minutes.
  • While remaining seated, move your feet/ankles up and down.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes.
  • You might use compression stockings to avoid leg swelling.

2. Avoid dehydration by drinking enough fluids.
3. Check the airlines policies and the medical help provided.

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